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Dropout Theory is Looking for a new bass player

Hey my name is Sean (FivePoint).. My band and I live in the Vancouver Washington area. I am 19 yrs old. Jon(Drums) is 20 and Colin (Lead Guitar) is 20.. We have current released our first debut 6 song EP and are working in the studio on our follow up album. We are a genre of our own. You cant really call us punk, or metal, or pop punk... I think the best way to describe us is just plain EMO. Our songs are full of emotion. I am the current Rythm guitarist and Lead Singer. We are looking for a dedicated bassist with their own Gear *Including live set up* and the will to put everything of yourself into not only playing shows, but promoting, song writting, recording and coming up with merchandise. We are currently pretty well established. You can hear some of our music at just copy and paste the link to listen... Well that is all for now, Hope to hear from some people...

Five POint
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